Comic Town Championship Series

Here are all of the players who have invites to our series final on December 9th. This list is alphabetized by first name and has the number of byes that a player may have next to the players name.

Adam Dolinger
Alex Johnson – 1 bye
Barnabas Boehler
Benjamin Isaak – 1 bye
Bob Carson
Bobby Colegrove – 1 bye
Brandon Carpenter
Bryan McCord – 1 bye
Chase Harrell – 1 bye
Corey Castelli – 2 byes
Daniel Norton
David Nolan – 2 byes
Devon Hassett
Dylan Sedow-Reinshagen
Eric Griffin
Erik Rose – 2 byes
Greg Bartlett
Hanni Alnimer – 1 bye
Hans Buchner – 2 byes
Holly Barra
Jacob Lewis – 2 byes
Jansen Eaton – 1 bye
Jeremy Yawger
John Mytinger
Jordan Castelli – 1 bye
Jordan Jones – 1 bye
Jordan Kennedy
Josh Shields
Justin Aiello
Kenyon Collins – 2 byes
Lauren Nolan – 1 bye
Matt Welch – 2 byes
Michael Bailey
Michael Coyle
Michael Givens
Michael Grafton
Michael McKNight
Mike Kenney
Mike Windau
Noah Burns
Patrick Ewell
Randall Ruggles – 2 byes
Riley Curran
Shake Fordice
Shane Congrove
Shawn Levstek – 1 bye
Tam Tran
Tyler Bodnar
Tyler Mantey – 2 byes
Walter Hengley
Zene Brunney


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