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Two cases (12 boxes) of Ixalan boosters, 4X Planeswalker Point multiplier and the final invites to our free $5K Comic Town Championship Series Final invitational are up for grabs on November 18th!

CTCS Expo (Sealed with top 8 draft)

Saturday November 18th with registration opeing at 10 AM and a 11 am players meeting.

Comic Town
94 Dillmont Drive
Columbus Ohio 43235


-1st: Four (4) Boxes of Ixalan, 12 CTCS Points, 1-Round Bye in the CTCS Championship
-2nd: Two (2) Boxes of Ixalan, 10 CTCS Points
-3rd/4th: One (1) Box of Ixalan, 6 CTCS Points
-5th-8th: 18 Packs of Ixalan, 4 CTCS Points
-9th through 16th: Nine (9) Packs of Ixalan, 2 CTCS Points
-17th+: 1 CTCS Point

***Playmats to Top 8!
***Invites to end-of-year CTCS Championship to Top 4!

PHONE 614-262-5006
TWITTER: @ComicTown

This is the second year of our independent Magic: the Gathering tournament series designed to serve Ohio and the Midwest region. Our goal is to bring the players of the Midwest a series that both compliments the current large tournaments being run by Wizards and other PTO organizers as well as provide players a chance enjoy lesser played formats. This Championship Series is a place for players to test out their decks in preparation for other larger events going on in the area as well as provide players with a chance to win large prizes for their work. This series has an events scheduled around the release of a new set with Expos shining a light on lesser-played formats such as Frontier or Team Trios. Players compete for custom playmats and their chance to win a spot in the invite-only $5,000 Championship Series Final in December! Details for all upcoming events are linked below, as well as the current list of invited players for the Championship Series Final in December.


First off, the seasonal Classic will occur four times a year and be connected to the release of new sets. Classics will be either in the Standard or Modern format, alternating throughout the year. Prizes will be $2,000 in cash to the Top 16. Top 16, as always, will receive exclusive mats for that event by local artist to the Classic Series Matt Northrup!


Expos are back for 2017, highlighting less sanctioned formats in Magic. On the prizes end, each event will feature a prize pool of $1,000 (in cash or product), play mats from that season’s Classic to the Top 8, invites to the Top 4, and a bye to the Winner of each Expo.

To make way for the new formats, we did have to sunset one of the formats we used for the 2016 series. While everyone agreed the format was diverse and fun, we had  a very low turn-out for the No Ban List Modern event and will be retiring it for 2017 in lieu of the new, more accessible Frontier format. We hope to bring No Ban List back in the future, but we’re benching it for this season.

Coming back to the scene for 2017? Expos in Legacy, Team Trios Sealed, Frontier (as mentioned above), and (to celebrate the release of Modern Masters 2017) a MODERN MASTERS SEALED Expo to celebrate the release of the newest Masters set from Wizards of the Coast. These are all excellent and fun formats that we’re excited to bring to all of you in 2017.


Can’t make it in to Ohio for Classics or Expos? Want to bring the excitement and fun for the Classic Series to your store? Based on our successful CTCS Finals Qualifiers in 2016, we’re launching the Comic Town Championship Qualifiers (or CQs) to bring the Classic Series to your local store. These events will feature exclusive playmat art from Matt Northrup, and the chance to earn a spot in year-end Comic Town Classic Series Championship. The winner of each event automatically qualifies for the CTCS Championship with all players in the Top 4 receiving points. If you want to get your store involved, have them contact us for details.


Ready to see the layout for the first half of 2017? Check out the dates below and make sure to make time for all the events on the calendar. We’ll have point levels posted to the Facebook and web page in the next few days, so stay tuned to be up-to-date on the latest and greatest things coming for the Comic Town Classic Series. Thanks for making 2016 excellent and we look forward to bring you the same high-quality events in 2017!


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