Saturday and Sunday is Amonkhet Pre-Release Weekend! Full info can be found through these links. Here are the individual event times for the weekend.

12:05 AM April 22nd Single Player Capped at 5 Rounds

10:00 AM Saturday April 22nd Single Player Capped at 5 Rounds

5:00 PM Saturday April 22nd 2-Headed Giant Capped at 50 Teams

5:30 PM Saturday April 22nd Single Player Capped by Available Space

10:00 AM Sunday April 23rd Single Player Capped at 5 Rounds

5:00 PM Sunday April 23rd Single Player Capped at 5 Rounds


With all of the love, support and patronage that you have blessed us with other the years we have grown to a point where we can no longer serve our guests in the manner you deserve. This has been something that has been weighing on me heavily for quite some time now. So after 24 amazing years at 1249 Morse Road we are moving to a new and substantially larger location in May.

In May we will be moving to 94 Dillmont next to Hard Knocks laser tag on the corner of Lazelle and 23. The new location will be over 7,000 square feet doubling the size of our comic section and gaming section where we are currently located. This will allow us to truly serve our valued comic guests and increase our gaming selection and play space.

As we get closer to the move we will be keeping you updated about it as well as announcing special “We’re Moving” events and a new system for thanking our comic subscription guests that follow us over. As a farewell to 1249 Morse Road we will be running one final pre-release weekend, $2K CTCS Standard Spring Classic and one last modern format $1K Starcitygames IQ at the current location.


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