Get ready for back-to-back Expo weekends in advance of the two biggest GPs of the year. Last year’s highest-attended single-player event hits the Championship Series in the format of Vegas’s first GP of the triple GP weekend: Legacy. Sleeve up your favorite Eternal cards and come play some of the greatest cards in Magic: the Gathering’s oldest format. As always, the Top 8 will split $1,000 in cash prizes along with invites to the end-of-year championship going to the Top Four of the event. Looking forward to having everyone out in May for this great Legacy event!
CTCS Legacy Constructed Expo
Saturday May 27th with registration opeing at 11 AM and a 12 Noon players meeting.
Comic Town
1249 Morse Road
Columbus Ohio 43229
***WPN Premium Event*** – This Event is a WPN Premium Event, meaning that it carries a x4 Planeswalker Point multiplier for the entire event!
-1st: $400, 12 CTCS Points, 1-Round Bye in the CTCS Championship
-2nd: $200, 10 CTCS Points
-3rd/4th: $100, 6 CTCS Points
-5th-8th: $50, 4 CTCS Points
-9th through 16th: 2 CTCS Points
-17th+: 1 CTCS Point
***Playmats to Top 8!
***Invites to end-of-year CTCS Championship to Top 4!
PHONE 614-262-5006
E-MAIL ComicTowniii@aol.com
TWITTER: @ComicTown



With all of the love, support and patronage that you have blessed us with other the years we have grown to a point where we can no longer serve our guests in the manner you deserve. This has been something that has been weighing on me heavily for quite some time now. So after 24 amazing years at 1249 Morse Road we are moving to a new and substantially larger location in June.

In June we will be moving to 94 Dillmont next to Hard Knocks laser tag on the corner of Lazelle and 23. The new location will be over 7,000 square feet doubling the size of our comic section and gaming section where we are currently located. This will allow us to truly serve our valued comic guests and increase our gaming selection and play space.


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