The official switch to League of Comic Geeks for all pull list is only a couple of weeks away. We don’t want you to miss a single comic that you are wanting to check out so here are the steps that we need you to take to get set up on League.
Step 2) Create a profile that is
A) Public
B) Create a user name that is made of your first initial
and full last name.
C) Add your real name into your bio.
D) Add a profile picture of some kind. It does not have
to be a picture of yourself.
Step 3) Add the books that you would like for us to pull for you
making all additions and drops by Monday evening.
Step 3) Connect to us!
A) Click the Community button that is located at the
top of the screen.
B) Once the Community page has loaded click the
Find Friends button just below the Pull List button
at the top of the screen.
C) Enter ComicTown614 into the search bar.
D) Click on us and then hit the orange to add/follow
E-Mail: comictowniii@aol.com
Phone: 614-262-5006
Twitter: @ComicTown
Website: WorldOfComicTown.com
League Of Comic Geeks: ComicTown614
Instagram: COMICTOWN614

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