Magic the Gathering is going back to Dominaria! You are invited to Comic Town for a weekend filled with six different prerelease events for you to choose from with door prizes being awarded every round. Play in every round of five separate events to participate in the “Gauntlet” and to earn additional prizes. As an added bonus all players enrolled in our Midnight event will receive 40 BCW Supplies Elite Deck Guard sleeves and side loading deck box while supplies last. Preregistration is easy and available! Here are all of the details…
Dominaria Pre-Release weekend featuring six events capped at 5 rounds each.
Comic Town
94 Dillmont Drive
Columbus Ohio 43235
12:01 am Saturday Sealed capped at 5 rounds.
10 am Saturday Sealed capped at 5 rounds.
5 pm Saturday Two-Headed Giant Sealed capped at 5 rounds.
5:30 pm Saturday Sealed capped by available seating with a mimimum of 32 players and 5 rounds.
10 am Sunday Sealed capped at 5 rounds.
5 pm Sunday Sealed capped at 5 rounds with player spot availability based on kits left.
League Play will occur both Saturday and Sunday at 12 Noon each day. We will need your name and DCI number to register you.
EVENT FEE: $25 plus sales tax per player for each event.
—-Preregistration can be done by contacting the shop. We will need to know which event(s) you want to preregister for, your DCI number and payment to lock you into the event(s) of your choice.
The prize payout for all events is:
5-0: 48 Prize Wall Tickets
4-0-1: 36 Prize Wall Tickets
4-1: 24 Prize Wall Tickets
3-1-1: 16 Prize Wall Tickets
3-2: 12 Prize Wall Tickets
We will have Dominaria booster packs, cool merchandise, BCW card supplies and more available for you to purchase with your prize tickets.
1st: Sealed box of Dominaria booster packs.
2nd: 24 packs of Dominaria boosters.
3rd and 4th: 12 packs of Dominaria boosters each.
5th through 8th: 6 packs of Dominaria boosters each.
Gauntlet rankings are based on points by record for all five events combined. All Gauntlet booster pack prizes will be available for pick up on Friday April 27th.
In addition there will be door prizes every round that will include limited edition StarCityGames.com/Comic Town The Flight Stuff play mats and mystery prizes.
Phone: (614)-262-5006
E-Mail: comictowniii@aol.com
Twitter: @ComicTown
Website: WorldOfComicTown.com
Instagram: COMICTOWN614
League of Comic Geeks: ComicTown614

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